Kimoco Young

is the most effective way
to look radiant every day.

Our products, inspired by Asian care, are designed for young skin struggling with various imperfections.

Formulas based on extracts of the juiciest fruits, such as watermelon, orange or strawberry will provide your skin with the power of vitamins and make you feel fresh and special. Immerse yourself in the refreshing goodness of our fruit facial products and radiate confidence!

Sheet masks

and eye patches

Get ready to discover Asian beauty with our otherworldly fruity face masks and eye patches. They will take care of the most demanding skin due to their richly infusion with active ingredients.

Invite your bestie over
and have a #girlsnight.

Pssst… our products adhere perfectly to the skin, so you can use them while studying or relaxing.

Hydrating sheet mask

with watermelon extract and glacial water

Regenerating sheet mask

with strawberry extract and glacial water

Brightening sheet mask

with orange extract and glacial water

Hydrogel eye patches

with watermelon and aloe vera extracts