Asian skincare has its roots in many cultures. Although it is based on the concept of a conscious approach to beauty, care for skin health and fight against the progressive aging process, it is surprisingly diverse in each country. With KIMOCO, you can travel across the Asian continent looking for inspiration from its different parts – China, Japan, Korea or Thailand.

It’s time to set off on a journey following the Eastern inspirations and explore various faces of Asian beauty.

Asia is famous for the highest quality and effectiveness of facial care. Asian rituals for maintaining a youthful appearance have also stolen hearts of consumers in Europe.

The Kimoco brand provides the most effective solutions and ingredients developed in Asia and tested by millions of Asian women. The Kimoco brand challenges itself to promote Asian solutions among European consumers.

Asian beauty rituals with KIMOCO are little pleasures
that add a touch of luxury to everyday life.
They take you to a different, exctinig world.


Time for a trip to Asia! This is where the hottest skincare trends are born and where the whole world finds its inspirations. Asia is known for the highest quality and effectiveness of facial care. The Kimoco brand provides the most effective, proven ingredients in sheet masks. Sheet masks are a reliable solution for preserving youthfulness.

When used regularly and systematically, they can successfully replace costly salon treatments. 


This is another step of Asian skin care that has stolen the hearts of millions of women around the world. Their task is to quickly and effectively care for the delicate skin under the eyes. They brighten, smooth wrinkles, eliminate dark circles and when cooled, further reduce puffiness. Thanks to their gel formula, they are a very pleasant and soothing way to regenerate tired under-eye skin. They are a hit among celebrities and influencers!


Sensitive lip skin requires special care. Asian hydrogel lip masks are a simple and very effective way to nourish and moisturize them. Soaked with precious extracts, they have a regenerating and soothing effect. This is an excellent treatment for dry, firmness-lacking lips.